For most of my 19years, I have learnt to rely on my friends for mostly everything. In Primary school, I was part of a ‘group’, where we mostly had one ‘leader’, sort of like someone we looked up to. She was like a guide and as funny and silly as it may seem, she had all our backs. Always ready to fight someone on

our behalf, and I feel like this was the beginning of my constant leaning on my friends.

In Secondary school, things were just a bit different. We were always together, the 6 of us. We spent all our time together and helped each of ourselves through all hard times. And now, I am in university now, well my last stretch. Still leaning on my friends. At this point in my life, one would think I should be able to make such decisions but again still, when it comes to relationships, shopping and even academics. I still ask for their advice when it comes to various things.

In my opinion, friends are the family we get to pick. This simply means, we are going to have friends who act like our parents, siblings, people who believe looking out for us and making sure we are alright are their priorities. The difference is, we get to pick them. Friendship is really like a relationship when you look at it in various ways. You need to be patient, understanding and ready to listen, cause without this, one might as well stick with family or better still stay alone. Believe it or not, the company we keep always have an effect on us. This effect is plainly seen regardless of how much we try to hide it. So we do need to make sure of the friends we keep cause as they say, friends of the same feather stick together.

In light of this topic, I just want to thank all my friends, the ones I had and have. Most especially the few I still have from years on, they all mean a lot to me and they have all been a big part of my life in ways they do not even know.


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