Feminism is Equality

Hello guys,

I hope all has been well with you. I’ve been great mostly except for the fact that I’m so dark now and I have a slipped disk so that sucks but as I said, mostly great.

The other day on my way home, I actually had a full conversation with myself or as is called, a soliloquy . I had been thinking about the entire concept of feminism and it suddenly hit me why people thought it meant female superiority and then I realised why people might not be it’s greatest fan. Basically Feminism is equality and yes I know people say ‘ why don’t you call it egalitarianism’ instead and then my response to them is, females are the ones who need uplifting. For as long as I know, men have been the protagonists of everything even things you’d think a woman would, like sanitary pads, so it would only make sense that in the fight for equality, women are raised and praised for actions that might have otherwise being ignored had a man done it.

I had an argument the other day with my brother and he was going on about how men were better at acting than women because it was harder for men to win Oscars and then I simply asked, how many movies released each year even have female protagonists?! The fact that there are so many male led movies mean there are more male leads fighting for the few slots thus making it seem like there are plentier better male actors.

The whole concept of feminism involves a female being able to make her own decisions and not simply doing what a backward society says. Whenever feminism is brought up, there’s this whole issue of cooking and nurturing the family, for starters it is very possible for a woman not to want to get married or even have children, this doesn’t make her any less of a woman, it just means she’s not interested in that and should therefore be left to her wits. Not every woman is nurturing. Cooking is something that should be learnt by anyone so saying it’s a woman’s job to cook is as silly as saying it’s a man’s job to provide. We have to look beyond gender roles and see people as individuals. The man can decide with his partner that he wants to be a stay at home parent and then they work together, that shouldn’t be seen as an issue.

This however does not mean women who want to be stay at home mothers and cook and take care of the family should be seen in any less light. It just means that’s what they want and thus the whole point of feminism, being able to make personal choices regardless of what society says and being able to be seen as equals with a man. Women too can be responsible for their families, believe it or not, they are smart enough and the whole burden of the families should not have to be on the men’s heads simply cause they’re the men. I would think an educated people would want equality as it would remove so much burden on themselves but I guess it’s just something we’ll have to keep being on till we finally get our equality.


Oh by the way, thanks again for reading, do share and comment :). I plan on creating a platform in which possible solutions to chauvinism and misogyny can be sought and perhaps a meeting of like minded folks. Do send me a message if you’re interested.


12 thoughts on “Feminism is Equality

  1. Persuasive argument but it IS the man’s role to provide and the woman’s role to nurture. This is not subject to argument, it is even biblical (read Genesis on the consequences of Adam and Eve’s disobedience and their consequent ejection from the Garden of Eden. If a woman however decides she would rather not follow gender specific roles and decide to be the breadwinner and have a house husband, that is her cup of tea. Kudos to her. A somewhat myopic article in my view but well delivered. I look forward to your views on other topics.

    1. And I will disagree with you. Adam and Eve were removed from Eden cause they ate the forbidden fruit. The Bible also says we should have slaves and not eat pork amongst others. We can’t just pick and choose what we want to quote from it when it suits us best with looking at context. Thank you for your comment however, I don’t expect everyone to agree 🙂

  2. This is how it should be done. We are in the 21sth century and as humans we have to evolve. That is how life works. Bravo Tobore Majemite.

  3. My dear cousin. I’m still waiting for my feedback/expert critisicm. I am after all a fresh blogger.

    Anyway, on the issue of feminism, I sympathize with the feminine folk. Yes, sympathize. I consider the call for equality extremely ironic. Let me get this straight. You are calling on men to help women to be more involved in the various spheres of life? If you guys can do all things better, without help from the male folk, do it! Stop blogging about it and do it already. Shish!

    On the issue of #feminismisequality men and women were created equal, doesn’t mean men and women were created the same. Women cannot handle the dictates of the role men play and not lose the very essence of their selves (selves just sounds like a weird word standing alone; oh well).

    Unless you want more masculine women and have a society with 90% testosterone and 10% oestrogen, please modify your campaign. The world is balanced as it is .

    1. Hello dear cousin, I could have sworn I’d already commented on your blog post but I will do that as soon as I can. Back to the matter at hand, you should realise that the first step to solving situations like this is communication, the word has to be out, people n3ed to be educated thus all the blogging. Women do not call on men to help them solve this problem, in the event that men get involved it is because the believe and agree in equality. Yes we have different chemicals in our bodies but said chemicals do not always account for our wants or feelings and besides the argument is not that we want more men, heck they are already too much! Lol. But the argument is that women should be given the right to do as they please and not be judged on their decisions cause it’s not the norm. The way a woman dresses is used to form opinions on her more often than that of a man and this is just the bare minimum of issues. I understand why you’d feel the world was okay, I mean if I had someone who was expected to be below me, why would I complain? I ask that you observe more of the happenings in your environment and perhaps you will get where I’m coming from :).

  4. Spot on argument if a woman wants to be a housewife no problem if she wants to be the head of multinational company no problem either this is 2015 we shouldn’t subject ouselves to this school of thought …. What exactly are even gender specific roles there are some cultures in Africa where women do all the farm work and cattle rearing while in other parts of Africa its vice versa …. That’s just a basic example out of many I really just hope our generation bring up their kids to believe they can do and achieve anything they want irrespective of their gender and not just throw a girl in the kitchen to cook just because she is a girl while her brother watches TV meanwhile they are both going to eat the food …. You get my point sha

  5. My take.
    I know a very plenty women who are smart, strong and capable of providing for their homes. Still, I know many who are not. I know men who have no idea how to be fathers, yet still I know a lot more who are very good fathers.

    I believe that a man or a woman should not be categorised along predetermined lines. Their functions in a family should not be decided by accepted Norms but should be a reflection of the abilities of particular individuals.

    That’s about it from me.

    Nice one Tobore, maybe I should write something about feminism.

  6. I believe the whole idea of feminism at the start and its objectives was and is a sensible. However the use of it as an umbrella by some women to abandon their duties is a shame. Many times I have heard the words “it’s a man’s role to provide for the family” even from Supposed out spoken feminists who wud go ahead to belittle a man for opting to take up the naturing role. They only pull out the feminist card when it’s deemed convenient to them to apply it.

    I truely support feminists and their cause however I believe I believe some women need to first be educated on its true meaning so as not to have double standards. Let us scrap the gender roles lets write a Cinderella type novel where the lady is in the position of power and the man is the damsel in distress.

    1. I can see where you’re coming from and this is why I believe people need to be educated on the entire concept so it would be be construed as superiority or a way to for one not to perform her roles in the family whether nurturing or providing.

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