The unspoken ‘A’ Word

Before I begin, can I just say I’m a staunch Catholic. I believe in the holy trinity, apostle’s and nicene creed, in the fact that Mary should be honoured based on her part played in our redemption amongst others. Last Sunday, the sermon included some sensitive topics but the one I’m most concerned about is Abortion.

Jesse was barely 17 when the most shocking happened to her. She was the first child of her family, a very pious one must I add. She was your average student, doing the best one possibly could in the competitive school she attended. She had to be an example to her siblings so she was as behaved as she could, in the eyes of older people though, kept good friends and most importantly never got caught.

She was studying for her final exams and since she needed to do her very best, she decided to take extra lessons. Now she had loads of friends who also attended said lessons so the walk back home was never lonely. The lessons carried on and as the final exams came closer, tests were routinely given to attendees of the lesson. She read all she could but I mean, ‘all work and no play, makes Jesse a dull girl’, so she still found time to hang out with her friends every once in a while.

On a particular day, she decided to skip lessons entirely for the day, I mean there had been a test two days before so she figured nothing important was going to happen. She had a blast! Her friends were able to download the latest episodes of shows she had missed so she indulged herself. The next day at the lesson, she found out she had missed a test that held the previous day and proceeded to plead with her teacher to let her resit it. She was a good enough student so the teacher agreed. The test took place after the lesson for the day. Her friends obviously couldn’t wait and by the time she was done, the sun had already set.

She began her journey home. Not wanting to take much time, she used a shorter but dingy route. She had earphones on to keep her company so she had no idea someone was walking behind her. By the time she decided to look back just incase she wasn’t alone, it was too late cause the person was less than 2 feet away from her and held a knife to her back. He asked her not to scream and of course she agreed. He then began to raise up her dress and before she could think of what to do, he had his way with her. He ran away once he was done and she just lay there crying. She called her closest friend who got to her in minutes. Her friend helped her get home and stayed with her till Jesse’s parents returned.

The parents were so angry that their daughter had been violated. They went on about how he would pay and how they promised to keep her and her siblings safer. Jesse never really got over it, the morning of her first exam, about 3 weeks after the incident, she fell ill….

It turned out Jesse had gotten pregnant. The entire family was angry and sad, understandably so. Jesse begged her parents to let her abort the baby but they refused, talking about how the baby would possibly be the only good thing to come out of the rape and also how it was wrong and immoral to get an abortion. Jesse said she could never love the child and what good was a child with a loveless mother and a rapist for a father. Her pleas fell on deaf ears and knowing their daughter,  they took turns ensuring she didn’t get the chance to run away and get said abortion.

The entire 9 months was a hassle, the hospital basically became her home from the 8th month as there were always complications. On the day of the delivery, Jesse told her parents she would never forgive them for making her have the baby. They told her she would forgive them once she held the child in her hands. She wept while being taken to the delivery room and as she gave her last push, she did her last breathe as well and worse still, the child was a stillborn.

So much for keeping Jesse safe!

One cannot say if the child would have found the cure for cancer or been the next Hitler but that’s the thing with uncertainty, it gives false hope especially for people trying to justify actions.

When people get abortions, it’s normally not because they are evil people, it’s cause that’s the only visible option for them. Take Jesse, she was raped and believed she would have nothing but hate for the child and atlas, it brought her death. Or a girl who with little or no sex education, has sex and finds out she’s pregnant, knowing her parents she sorts for the dodgiest of doctors since abortion is illegal and immoral, ends up with a ruined womb or even worse, dead. People should be given the choice of all options especially when it’s deserved. Would one rather a child is born to a mother who hates it and cannot provide for it?

I know it’s very sensitive and all but it’s something that should be talked about as it happens. I do not agree with this but you cannot hang a woman for leaving her child for animals to feed on if you didn’t give her the option to have never had the child. People need to know it’s a viable option as I believe it should be.

In the end, this is just my opinion, what do you think?


14 thoughts on “The unspoken ‘A’ Word

  1. I’m not a fan of murder, I feel its a sin to kill or take a life, so I’m against abortion to an extent. But before you crucify me, hear me out. If I get pregnant and realized the child had sickle cell I’d terminate the pregnancy no questions asked, I mean I’ve had friends go through crisis, my Uncle died of it. I won’t bring a child in to suffer. My faith hasn’t been developed to change SS to AA. I won’t rIsk the pain or the agony. That being said, I can’t fully say I’m 100% against it, I can’t attribute my mixed perspective to lack of faith But I know this, if the decision to terminate a pregnancy is to be made, it has to be the lady’s choice.

    1. Abortion is a very controversial topic resulting in so many views. I am against abortion but situations like the one you’ve pointed out really makes one rethink their stance. This is simply because if preventing abortion is to prevent death of the unborn child, then of what advantage is preventing abortion if it still ends up resulting in death upon delivery. But then again, there are unfortunate circumstances where planned pregnancy ends up in death of child or mother or both. However I disagree with the comment about committing abortion when you realise that your child may be SS. In as much as there are unforeseen situations of giving birth to a child that is not medically okay, there are some that could be avoided. If clearly the blood group of yourself and your soon-to-be-spouse point to a likely occurrence of having a sickle-celled child, then difficult decisions definitely have to be made. If you knowingly go into such a marriage and end up being pregnant with such a child and subsequently decide to commit abortion, it almost feels like you were selfish to your unborn child by choosing your marriage over the possible health implications of that child. With abortion, there are always ‘what-if questions’ (making life a gamble) and not to mention the morals and ethics surrounding it. Whatever decision that is made, full responsibility has to be taken (either by the mother or the person forcing one to be a mother).

      1. Thank you very much for your comment. There’s an ailment called Oesteogenesis imperfecta, this causes the the bones to break upon any sudden movement and incredible pain. Should that child be born to suffer? Since abortion is illegal, that cannot even be debated, the choice of an option, that’s all I’m debating. I believe it should be given. Even the silly cases of just not being ready and getting pregnant, there are many acts that should have been taken to avoid that but if it did happen, should one not get the choice? All I’m saying is, let there be options.

      2. Yes people should definitely be given options. With Oesteogenesis imperfecta or cleft lip and palate or Spina Bifida or any other medical issue, options should be allowed. I think all I’m adding is that responsibility be taken for any decision including not letting someone make a decision. But then again what if she would have died from any complications arising from abortion? There are so many debatable questions with this BUT yes I do understand that people should be allowed options.

  2. Even God Himself gave human beings the ability to make their own decisions but guides us with The Book to make the right ones. No one should be forced to make a decision concerning abortion only guided to make the right ones. Acknowledging circumstances of decisions taken either right or wrong. So yes I agree with you Toby every woman should be given the option, but becAuse it’s a sin its the job of others to influence the right decisions 😊

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. As you said, God has given us the ability to make our own decisions. He has also given us the knowledge of how to take charge of our own lives when need be. I feel like abortion is a situation that arises only when need b but it should and has to be an option to be ignored or chosen.

  3. I believe and my opinion is that if the child should live with the ailment of no, or if the child should bear the suffering that would come with his birth or no.

    Is not a decision that anyone should make, I believe that the child should make it himself/herself. And since he /she is not around to participate in the decision, then no one should make it for him /her.

    Parents are not forced to live with children anymore, you can always put your child in foster care if you don’t want to see any of it.

    I think that if you are ‘careless’ enough or ‘unfortunate’ enough to get pregnant, then keep it, what you do with the child after birth is all of your business. Except it’s a life or death scenario, and you could die if you kept it. In which situation it’s your choice, but I would still opt that you died and the child lived.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your opinion. However I disagree with you on this, all I’m saying is there should be a choice, all viable options should be open. You have no idea what it is having a sick child who ends up dying before its second birthday or worse still, lives till its tenth, creates a strong bond and suffers all through its life. 9 months is a long time to carry something you don’t want around you so I do understand why people get abortions instead of give the child up for adoption. If I were ever in such a situation, I don’t know what I’d do but I know I’d want all options available.

  4. Well, as for me, I am pro choice all the way. Every woman should have the choice to do what they please with their body. Besides, a two weeks old pregnancy technically isn’t carrying life in them. If the mother knows in her hearts of hearts that she can’t love that child (especially a child resulted from rape ‘BOKO HARAM kind to be even more precise’) then she should be allowed to abort it. The worse thing that a child can have ‘in my opinion’ is a mother that hates him or her. As I said from the start: I am pro choice.

  5. I’m not interested in the legality or otherwise of abortion. I believe in choices and I think people Shiuld be allowed to decide their fate in certain circumstance..
    Is it your pregnancy?
    Is it your baby?
    Is it your abortion?
    Is it your womb?
    Is it your life?

    I bet you said “NO” to all of these..
    How then does it become your opinion and/or decision.

    If the child was going to be an austronout, “Sorry Earth” others will come.
    What matters most is your happiness and wellbeing (excuse my selfishness) so let the (not so human) baby in the womb take one for the team.

    All will be well..

    P.S: don’t look upon my thoughts. I love Jesus.

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