The Compulsory ‘G’ Word

So you know how facebook started this memory thing, I’ve realised it’s really just there to enable us be thankful for growth and puberty

I know the month is basically over🙈, don’t be mad please. So I’m currently in a place where I should be otherwise happy I guess, things aren’t ridiculously great but they aren’t horribly shitty either but for some reasons I’ve been having very stupid mood swings. Perhaps I need to see a therapist or something.  Oh well, back to the gist of the month:).

Growth surpasses the physical, I feel the mental growth is as important if not more important. 

My friend sent a picture of a letter I sent to her while in secondary school and I wasn’t  sure what I was more embarrassed by, the useless form of shorthand and grammar or the actual logic behind the content of the letter. Interesting how that was only 7 years ago. 

Less than four years ago, my friend was going through emotional abuse and I couldn’t see it because my idea of abuse involved physical violence and I didn’t want to believe that the guy I knew and was ‘friends’ with could cause my friend any harm. Less than three years ago, I was on the bench regarding  abortion because I thought it was an act that could be avoided by ‘good’ people. Less than 10 years ago I discussed marriage with my friends almost regularly because that was supposed to be my end goal. 3 years ago,  I would have cried myself to sleep if anyone said anything bad about me, I mean people are supposed to see the part of one that one cannot see.

I could go on and on about all the stupid shit I did or thought when I was younger but this post would never end if I did. Growth is very essential in one’s life. I mean in the end, one of the only static things in life is change. We all evolve even our electronics do as well. I let go of all my backward thoughts. I realised that women were born to do more than be somebody’s wife or mother. I found out as well that abuse could be physical, emotional and financial even. Abortion is not something people do for fun, it’s something women do because they believe its the only choice they have, assuming they have access to a safe one. People talking about me currently has minimal if not zero effect on me now, I’ve realised that no matter how much I listen and change to meet their needs,  they’re always going to want more from me. 

Just like we aren’t going to want to use a blackberry bold phone or an iPhone 2, we should also try to stop living in that version of ourselves and evolve with the times. I mean how hard can it really be? 

This is a rather short post, I know. But don’t worry, I’ll be back next month with something much longer and definitely more interesting, it’s about my past life.
Cheers ✌


8 thoughts on “The Compulsory ‘G’ Word

  1. Change both physical and etc is startling. I remember reading my dairy from junior secondary when I was in Year one in Uni. I couldn’t even believe it.. I just couldn’t. Decided it couldn’t be me who wrote all that stupidity. Too cool for that.

  2. I am so with you on the marriage thing. Until recently, marriage used to be an end goal. Talking about my future, I’ll always stop at then I’ll get married at 25 and have so so kids. These days I think about personal goals also and realise that marriage is something that happens along the way. I think more about who I aim to be as an individual, not just as a wife.

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