Is it Thursday? Cause This is a throwback!

I started a new phase of my life recently and I felt, hey, why don’t I visit the part of my life I spent probably the longest in… Secondary School, besides I did previously say I was going to write about my past anyways in my previous post.

So I started at the school sometime in September, 26th, I think, it was and still is a Catholic school somewhere in a not particularly urban environment. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was a very chubby 10year old who had all the dreams and hopes a young child would have. My first dormitory wasn’t the best, my caretaker – the person supposed to help me adjust- wasn’t particularly the nicest and I was lazy as fuck, still am but then it was genuine laziness, I didn’t know how to do shit so I really needed someone with enough patience. Anyways, God heard my pleas and somehow I found myself in a different dormitory and that was when I like to say my secondary school experience started because I met the nicest senior who decided she was going to make sure my secondary school experience albeit just my first year, was one of the best I had.

So I was basically said senior’s courier, she had a someone she exchanged contrabands with and I like to think I was part of that deal cause while I transferred said goods, I got paid in goods from both parties and even better, I got protection, I know, this is beginning to sound like a scene from a drug cartel movie or show, say breaking bad, lol. Anyways, that was how I avoided any major issue from seniors at least, the seniors I worked for were to big to be messed with and I guess their mates couldn’t be arsed to stress themselves. Anyway fastforward to jss3, I know I skipped a year, jss2 was really scraps and eventless, the only thing I remember from the class was the fact that myself and 2 of my best friends were punished by the principal to wash the entire school’s plates for about 4 days, go figure. 

Jss3 was a different feel. I had seniors that liked me so much and then even more seniors that hated the fact that myself and my friends got quasi special treatment from the seniors that liked us. I, like any normal thinking person took advantage of this and became some sort of a dick for lack of a better term, I was rude, more like non chalant to be honest, I knew the seniors had my back so I felt I could do whatever I wanted. A meeting got called and the involved the headgirls/captains talking about the rude juniors and of course I was one of the representatives from my set. For some reasons I didn’t know I was rude then so imagine my shock, I actually cried that night even though come to think of it now, I should have let that be a stepping stone, lol. Anyways I got over that and continued taking advantage of the passes I got but I did that whilst trying to be as polite as I could. I guess I’m not one for public display of disdain. 

Senior school, can I just say the remaining 3 years of my life in a school that was supposed to be the strictest and harshest with the worst rules ever became such a breeze! I got to hang out with the ss3s, I escaped almost all sorts of punishments, the ones I did serve were almost all done with little anger. It was just exquisite. The SS3s know themselves, I’d mention their names but I’d rather not have to miss any of the names and then face anyone’s disappointment.

Apparently in my SS3, I was nice enough, too nice I think, to be honest I feel like it was more like I couldn’t be arsed to be mean, like punishing people takes time and I’d rather sleep than make sure the punishment is being served properly. This worked to my advantage anyways because my sister got in the year I left and her entire experience was fantastic! 

This is not to say however that it was all rosy, I did have periods when I’d rather died than remained in the school, albeit short spans, but hey, that’s what you need friends for. I made a fantastic set of those in school, still very much in touch with a few and the rest, I’m sure they know I’ll always be there if they ever needed me. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this very vague snippet of my time in secondary/high school, perhaps one day I’ll go into more details, you never know… Do subscribe and comment, let’s see how interesting yours was. 


18 thoughts on “Is it Thursday? Cause This is a throwback!

  1. Nice, Tobore….couldn’t really relate even though it’s the same school I also attended…our experiences are way different. But I guess that was just a little insight into what exactly life itself entailed….the fact we have to always find our way..somehow. It’s a well written piece but I think we resumed on the 23rd or 24th of Sept…not sure myself but I doubt if it was as far as 26th…lol. Just thought to stop by….

  2. Omote, really nice but I think you missed something out. You wrote a chubby ten years old, yes. You forgot to write how you looked like after one year. I was very concerned, remember!! All the same, a good experience.

  3. LMAO. Maj, you were living the life ni. I was also extremely slothful in secondary school! I spent most of it feeling guilty and defensive for not being “good enough”

    I thank God for self-love and prayers, they always put me up and set me apart.

    Lovely read

  4. Nice walk down memory lane. I have short visions of my time in high school but I don’t dwell on it. I sort of feel disconnected from that time in my life. I think having a long throwback discussion will help me remember how LGHS shaped my survival skills. I can totally relate to crappy junior days and elated SS3 periods where I could control 500 human beings. Thinking about that is actually wild.

  5. Lmao..
    I have a feeling you and your three friends were washed plays for four days for a crime whose punishment today includes washing plates for 14 years..

    I might be wrong Tho..
    What do I know

  6. I thoroughly enjoy reading about your experience. Mine would definately be a different story as I was in the pioneer set ( you might think heaven but we probaby suffered more than you guys. Either ways we can’t ignore the pros from lghs and balance it with the cons. I wish everyone of us the very best life has in store.

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