W is for Woman

‘The darkest places in hell are reserved for people who maintain neutrality in times of moral crisis.’

– Dante Alighieri

Hello guys,

I sometimes think mother nature has something against me. The other day I was witnessing the most beautiful sunset – yeah I know how that sounds – and then I thought it would be so cool if I got a picture of it and as soon as I pulled out my phone to take said picture, my phone which was at least 20% just died 😑. I was so pissed off. Oh well, back to the post.

I think I have a thing fot alphabets, lol.
By now you would think I’d have stopped going on and on about feminism,rape and abortion but then I read the news and see things like a 14 year old being kidnapped, ‘converted’ and then married off to a man triple her age or once again reading about how somehow a girl is at fault for being raped or how women who get late abortions are the devil and it goes on and on. I’m tired of it all.

I’m not sure anyone needs to be told that people who aren’t legally allowed to drink, vote or drive should not be getting married, I mean it’s supposed to be a given. I don’t care what religion it is, it’s just wrong, WRONG! Her reproductive organs are literally still in formation, more importantly she is not ready to be someone’s wife. At 14, she shold be concerned about her friends and academics and what movie she hates or how she wants to be a doctor or something and definitely not what her husband would want to do with her that day. I can’t even imagine it.

After reading loads of articles, I mean that literally, I have found that, no matter the restraints or limitations, a woman who wants an abortion will get one. Making abortion legal just makes its safer for women. The interesting thing is, she doesn’t have to have being raped, she could just have made a mistake or maybe the condom broke or the pill didn’t work, she shouldn’t have to be saddled with caring for someone who will rely entirely on her. It becomes worse when women are in genuine danger or the foetus will live approximately less than a day in complete pain and then the women are made to carry it to full term. I mean, I feel if you don’t have a womb, you shouldn’t make these sort of decisions. It’s just as stupid as men coming up with ideas for sanitary pads or tampons, there’s no way you’d get it so just don’t bother.

Women, the pepole who have been looked down on simply because of their gender, paid less in some countries, expected to be restricted to the kitchen in some cultures. It’s interesting people always fall back on culture though said culture is never constant. Feminism helps women to overcome. You might live in a world where you can vote, drive, marry whoever you want, work, not being forced to be a mother, attend school, the list goes on, you have to always remember the women who fought for these rights and then remember that there are others out there who need you and I to help them fight for theirs. Some people don’t want to identify with the word ‘feminist’ because of the supposed ‘volatile’ women, it’s like saying you don’t want to be Christian because of the KKK, in every organisation, there would be people ho take the piss, ignoring then and moving on with the mission is the only way forward.

I do hope one day, I would have no reason to write about this because people would know ‘NO’ means ‘NO’, ‘silence is NOT consent, ‘children are NOT brides’ and women deserve EQUAL rights.

What do you guys think or what other issues do you think women face simply because of their genitalia?


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