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It’s interesting how hurt I am right now. Not only did Hilary lose the election, but Trump actually won it and oh, some idiots actually voted Harambe, a dead gorilla. 

I am not American and neither have I schooled or visited the  nation but even I know how this is going to affect the world . I listened to a podcast not so long ago, ‘ Revisionist History by Malcom Gladwell’and a particular episode, ‘ The Lady Vanishes’. This episode basically talked about how just when we think everything is progressing on, people think progress is enough and then decide to move backwards.  Take a look at Australia, their only female prime minister was unseat by a man who was openly sexist towards her and women in general. This is exactly what happened with Hilary. We had a woman qualified and experienced and then she even went ahead to be the first female candidate representing a major party in America, of course the white males believed they had had enough. I mean they let a woman represent a party, why on earth should they have to actually elect her as president? and therein lies the problem.

I took a look at the polls and it showed, the percentage of white males that voted for Trump was ridiculously high and worse still, the percentage of white women who voted for Trump was way too high. I mean this is someone who has no problem talking about kissing random beautiful women without their consent, has said a list of degrading things towards women and had – I say had because I presume the cases would be dropped cause ‘Mr President’ –  potential sexual assault cases against him. It hurts because for some reasons people still thought despite that he was a better candidate. I’m not saying Hilary was perfect, she did have her issues but then again, don’t we all? Someone said, ‘.. a little over 10years ago, she was against gay marriage’, well wouldn’t you rather someone who was for it now? Someone who has progressed?

Its important that women who voted Trump need to know that they basically said they didn’t mind sexual harassment or being seen as lesser than the opposite sex  or being forced to carry a pregnancy which could probably result in a stillbirth and I believe even worse so, they didn’t mind their daughters or sons learning that being a bully was going to bring good tidings, amongst a host of other things.

I hope and pray and almost believe he’s not going to do most of the things he used as vote baits for to get the uneducated and racists and sexist and bigots but then again, this has given those with hatred and bigotry in their dna a  reason to find out just how much they can get away with. 

It’s clear America wasn’t ready for a female President or better still a very progressive one just after a black president. I do hope Hilary is doing well because I know if I were her, I would be so petty and I doubt I’d even call to congratulate him.

To all the women who have ever lost a position to someone way beneath them in experience and knowledge, you are not alone and perhaps one day, all these would just be things that happened in the past. 

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11 thoughts on “11/09 

  1. What I can say is had it being another woman with no allegations was presented, Trump might not have won. Hilary has her own flaws too remember.

    1. I agree she has her flaws but there was almost no proof and besides was Trump really any better? I think people are simply using the allegations as an excuse of saying simply because she’s female.

  2. I personally felt much more aligned with Sanders from the start. I think if he had got the nomination the dems would have won it. Clinton never had my heart, her ‘not running as a woman’ stance at the start of her past campaigns annoyed me and it got to me even more when she built her whole campaign around it once she realised she wouldn’t win without our vote. Also her staying with Bill after all the affairs makes me not respect her. Having said all of this I would have voted for her reluctantly because she is competent, knows politics and is 1000% better than the alternative.

    One stat you didn’t show is voting by age. The millenial vote created a sea of blue, one day soon we will get the result we all want!

    1. I’m not even going to lie, I was ridiculously excited with Hilary running, I was willing to look past her mistakes and champion her on, especially after Bernie fell out. I’m honestly not sure he would have been able to win Trump, but then again, we’ll never know.
      Oh yeah I’ve added that, hopefully we stick to this progressive mindset and elect the change required when we can.

  3. It is so sad for some of us who believed that, with Hilary’s experience in government, she was going to win effortlessly, and to better the place of America in world politics, but nay!, that is now history, basically on grounds of racism, her support for blacks, Latinos and other immigrants! I am even more shocked that women voted against her! Well, the battle is won and lost, in politics, we only have permanent interests and not enemies! Let’s hope that he will reduce terrorism in the world and not drag America to war, at the slightest provocation! God bless America!

    1. Exactly! Perhaps her campaign became too confident. I don’t blame them though, I’m sure they never imagined there were so many people that would willingly support Trump. We can only hope for the best now.

  4. I honestly believe Trump’s winning the election had some to do with Sexism and Racism. But everyone knew that Hilary was the only one Trump could beat, maybe for these same reasons I’ve mentioned. To avoid having this man rule America, democrats should have given Bernie his chance, but no. Well here they have it. Hilary would have made a great story though, sad regardless.

    1. I actually still feel Bernie would have not won against Trump. In my opinion, Hilary was the best candidate to win but atlas she didn’t. The consolation was she won based in the amount of voters but lost due to electoral votes.

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