5 lessons from 2016 with the Brownie herself!  

Hey guys,

So we are gradually coming to the end of another year, 2016. Literally 12days to go. I remember beginning of the year, I said this year had to fucking turn up for me. 2015 was very meh,  too many disappointments. 2016 however started with almost the same meh feeling but it quickly picked up. This year I learnt a lot, saw a lot of my personal boundaries pushed, hell this year probably brought out the worst in me, it showed me I truly had no limits when I wanted something. Now that could be seen as good or bad, but I’m going to go with good. 

This is a a collaboration so if you go to my friend, Annabel‘s page or her youtube channel, ‘Brownie Bits’, you will find her list of 5 things as well. 

Without much ado, I will plunge into what my 2016 thought me;

  • I truly go for what I want. You know how people say ‘keep trying until you can literally try no more’? Well I did just that, too many things had been coming up, stopping me from starting my masters and as they say, 3rd time’s the charm, well it was for me and what made it even better was that this time, I got the exact course I wanted and now I’m preparing to write my first semester exams.
  • In 2016, I think I learnt how to rely on myself a little too much. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and family to death,almost literally even, lol. 2016 however helped me navigate through life alone without relying desperately on what anyone thought. I used to be so reliant on them, making absolutely no decision without at least one person agreeing with me.I did make stupid decisions though but at least I knew, this time,  I had no one but myself to blame.
  • This year, I pushed my limits. Now the way I did this wasn’t particularly the best way but it showed me I was willing to go past my imaginary line when I needed to.
  • This year, I learnt that fighting or writing about stuff you believe in isn’t always the  easiest thing to do but that doesn’t mean you give up. I mean the suffragette didn’t get female voting  rights by hoping luck or without being beaten.In the  same light, true equality amongst genders is something I’ve really gotten into and decided I am ready for anything as long as it means the goal will be achieved.
  • I learnt no matter how much you empathise with someone about something,  you’ll never truly understand what it is they’re going through until you experience it yourself. This ranges from being poor to being a member of the lgbt to being a woman or having an abortion. There are same many things in life, different people with different stuff happening to them and really and truly, except you happen to be one of the group, chances are, you will never really understand and you know what,  that’s perfectly fine.

    Obviously the most important thing, which I learn every year that goes by is the need to continue being my truest self no matter what the consequences might be because in the end, there can only be one you.
    Merry Christmas guys x


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