Dear Daddy

Hello guys,

I know it seems like I was away again but I assure you I did have something last month. Last month I did a guest post here. You should check it out. I was also writing my final exams which I’m done with now 💃, so I couldn’t quite release two posts. Right now, I just have my dissertation left and I’ll officially be a masters graduate 🤓. 

So it’s father’s day tomorrow and I thought, what better way to celebrate than to tell the whole world what my daddy means to me.

You know the myth of the first daughter being really close to her father, well my relationship with mine defies that as its no myth. I have always been a daddy’s girl, one who always wanted first to make her daddy proud before anyone else. I always did my best and when I didn’t, the first person’s feelings I thought about was my dad’s.

He has always been there for me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve probably said this to all my friends but I’ll never forget when he came for my interhousesport event in primary school, he ran for the father’s race, fell and still managed to win. My father was one who motivated me to be way better and never give up. He always indulged my wants and needs, I remember always having ridiculously long lists of books for my school’s bookfair and he always made sure I got every single book on the list. 

My father who is an excellent cook is probably the sort of guy who doesn’t even know he’s a feminist.  He expects the same impeccable results from all his children. Sometime last year when he found out my brother couldn’t make stew,  his expression said it all. He’s one who expects all his children to excel and survive regardless of gender.

When I was younger, I was ‘scared’ of him as probably every Nigerian child is of their father but as I grew older, I found out we had so much in common,  we had almost the same beliefs and turned out we could have proper lengthy conversations that I genuinely cherish and love. Oh and if you ever wondered where I got my writing skills from or my love for sleep, look no further, I got them all from my dad.

My daddy is someone I know I can always rely on and I hope one day, I become someone he can rely on. 

So here’s to the world’s best father, from your daughter, Happy Father’s day daddy ❤
I will without a doubt post more regularly and perhaps more than one and month, and I think I’m finally ready to delve into Nigeria’s political scene so be sure to subscribe ✌


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